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A B C to Kitchen Remodeling

15 Jan, 2015
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Are you considering getting your kitchen remodeled? If so, then what is the reason for wanting to get a kitchen makeover? Is your current kitchenan unlivable disaster or do you just want to make a few changes to bring more life into your kitchen? How much time and money are you willing to invest in this project? You should answer all of these questions before you give your work crews a call and they start drilling all around your kitchen.

  1. Assessment:

Always start with assessing what you have and think about its condition. Ask yourself questions like, can I use this dishwasher for a few more years, or do I have to replace it now. Look at all your equipment and assess the floors, walls, ceiling, windows, and countertops too. Check to see if your cabinets are falling apart.

  1. Comparison:

Compare what you want with what you currently own. See how each replacement will affect the renovation process. Divide your list into a list of wants and needs and make sure all of your needs are fulfilled before you go to your wants list.

  1. Calculating Costs:

Find out what you need to buy. For example, find the cost of changing your old wooden countertops into luxurious granite countertops. Find the cost per square meter of installing granite tiles on your walls and floor. Then, try selling what you currently have from kitchen tools and machines and calculate how much extra will remodeling your kitchen cost you.

  1. Cancelling out:

Look carefully at your list once again and try crossing out what you find an unnecessary change to keep things into budget. You will find that some things are costly but worth investing in. A good example of this would be granite. As expensive as granite could get, that countertop is should last you a lifetime as granite is known for its hardness, durability and resistance to scratch and heat.

  1. Downscaling things:

This step is the most fun part of the project and the most important one too. Thanks to technology, we now have many kitchen design softwares to help you redesign your kitchen and see it fully furnished without even getting of your chair. You can easily see how your fridge will look if placed on the opposite side of the kitchen and whether your dishwasher would fit nicely where you plan to put it. Just play with things around until you feel satisfied with the final look.

  1. Turning plans into REALITY:

The best way to do this is to work with a licensed contractor who is specialized in kitchen remodeling. It is definitely not the cheapest of all options, and you might feel up to the challenge and want to do things yourself. A hired contractor usually charges from 15% to 25% of the price of the project as commission. To do it yourself you would save this money but have to take all the responsibility of finishing the task. That might require skills you may not have. I personally say if you want professional results, hire a professional.

Tell us  how things go with your kitchen renovation project. It will definitely add value to your home.

Check this beautiful kitchen remodeled to perfection by our Team


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How To Regularly Clean Your Worktops In 6 Easy Steps

29 Apr, 2013
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Hygiene is the most important thing we can provide for our family. That’s why it is essential to clean your granite worktops every week, as they will maintain their shine and sparkle for a longer time.

Quick tip: A strong cleaning solution will do the trick. It removes build-up dust without causing any damage to the surface. Just be careful to avoid cleansers that contain chemical ingredients or bleach.

Take the next steps to ensure the hygiene of your granite worktops:

  • At the end of the day when you have finished cooking for your family and other kitchen activities, get a rag and thoroughly clean the surfaces.
  • Have a bottle filled with tap water always on standby and use it while cleaning the granite worktops. Use circular motions and do not rush.
  • If you encounter tough stains, then use a mixture of water and 1 tablespoon of a pH-neutral stone soap or dish soap. Take your time and watch your worktops sparkle.

Always use a clean soft cloth to dry the surfaces.

You can also try Windex multi-purpose (doesn’t contain ammonia), Mr. Muscles or Fairy (contain sodium hydroxide, ideal for removing burnt-on grease and spills), Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleanser (disinfects the surface), Talc (sprinkle on the stain before it dries), sanitary alcohol, lemon juice, baking soda, toothpaste, shaving cream etc.

Instead of a rag you can use paper towels or crumbled newspapers.

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Refine Your Kitchen This Summer At A Low Cost

29 Apr, 2013
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Refine Your Kitchen This Summer At A Low Cost

Are you thinking to give that old kitchen a new look this summer? You have to. Summer is a time of change and improvement. Choose our granite worktops and add light to your kitchen, as if the sun was directly above it.

  • We have reasonable prices that start at £300 as well as superior quality!
  • Do you want to bring the breeze of the ocean into your home? Then maybe Sea Wave is the perfect countertop for you.
  • Would you rather prefer the warm light of the sun? Santa Cecilia Gold will do the trick.
  • Or do you imagine yourself on a meadow of intense green? Much like Emerald Pearl.

Whatever the colour of your choosing may be, you will be able to find it with the granite worktops within our company.

Cheap prices. Superior quality

When it comes to price, you don’t have to worry about the granite worktops. We import the fabric from our own quarries to make sure you don’t have to make additional payments for distribution. Moreover, we can supply you with a free shipment of our samples to help you decide whether are products are suitable for you or not.

Check out our website and browse through our various designs of granite worktops and countertops to find the best ones.

Hurry up! Summer quickly passes by…

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any information, assistance or free advice when it comes to our granite worktops. We will even teach you how to preserve their luxurious appearance for a longer time.

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Why people prefer Granite Worktops?

29 Apr, 2013
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Whenever we build or renovate our house, we try to acquire best for our interiors. This is the reason why many people prefer granite worktops over any other stone.

What is granite?

Granite is an igneous rock that is found in earth’s crust below sedimentary layer. The main composition of granite is phosphorus, quarts and mica. Its hardness is counted next to diamond and is highly thermal stable because it is produced from hot molten lava.
Granite comes in hundreds of color and shades. Some of the popular colors are tropical green, beige, gold, orange, Brazil black, etc.
Granite worktops are more durable and come with very long life as compare to marble or quartz. Moreover they are easy to maintain.
The natural beauty of granite is appreciable in its own way but they generally contain some finishing flaws. This is why many granite dealers try to give flawless finish to their granites so that it will perfectly blend in with your interiors.

 Some useful tips on granite worktops maintenance:

Although granite is far more durable then marble or any other stone but some precautions are necessary to add more years to its long life.
Always use hard boards at the time of cutting and chopping.
Never keep hot pans directly on granite worktops surface as it may affect its polishing.
Granite worktops require soft cleaning on regular basis.
All the greasy food substances can leave stain on its surface. So be careful while working with such substances.
Some acidic nature consumables like, wine, lemon, kiwi, etc can leave stains on its surface that need to be clean immediately
Once in fortnightly granite worktops must be clean up with warm liquid soap water that will help in maintaining the mirror like finish of the granite worktops.

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