Why people prefer Granite Worktops?

Why people prefer Granite Worktops?

29 Apr, 2013
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Whenever we build or renovate our house, we try to acquire best for our interiors. This is the reason why many people prefer granite worktops over any other stone.

What is granite?

Granite is an igneous rock that is found in earth’s crust below sedimentary layer. The main composition of granite is phosphorus, quarts and mica. Its hardness is counted next to diamond and is highly thermal stable because it is produced from hot molten lava.
Granite comes in hundreds of color and shades. Some of the popular colors are tropical green, beige, gold, orange, Brazil black, etc.
Granite worktops are more durable and come with very long life as compare to marble or quartz. Moreover they are easy to maintain.
The natural beauty of granite is appreciable in its own way but they generally contain some finishing flaws. This is why many granite dealers try to give flawless finish to their granites so that it will perfectly blend in with your interiors.

 Some useful tips on granite worktops maintenance:

Although granite is far more durable then marble or any other stone but some precautions are necessary to add more years to its long life.
Always use hard boards at the time of cutting and chopping.
Never keep hot pans directly on granite worktops surface as it may affect its polishing.
Granite worktops require soft cleaning on regular basis.
All the greasy food substances can leave stain on its surface. So be careful while working with such substances.
Some acidic nature consumables like, wine, lemon, kiwi, etc can leave stains on its surface that need to be clean immediately
Once in fortnightly granite worktops must be clean up with warm liquid soap water that will help in maintaining the mirror like finish of the granite worktops.

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