Important Tips on Granite Worktops

Important Tips on Granite Worktops

29 Apr, 2013
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There are many instructions which illustrate the granite worktops templating process and other tips you might like to know solid stone worktops.

Tools you will need to draw a worktop template:

Our factory would rather you did the drawings offered in an easy to work with format. In case this is not an option for you, you should send them your hand drawings. There are many engineers eager to check them and send final granite worktops drawings back to you so that you might agree on the changes.

Please fax, email, or post them your drawings.

  • Pencil and Paper
  • Preferred Alternative: Computer CAD drawing
  • Optionally you can create wooden templates of your worktops and take them to the specialised workshop. Their specialists will manufacture your worktops according to the wooden templates offered by you.
  • Granite Quote Form
  • L-square to check for 90-degree angles.
  • Long spirit-level to verify if the walls are straight and unit dimensions adjacent to planned worktops
  • Measuring tape

This happens prior to preparing the granite worktops template drawing:

  1. Check the cabinets: make sure that base cabinets are placed on the wall, are level and have secure braces. Moreover, check if the total weight of granite worktops is too much for the floor.
  2. Cut-outs: You must pick up the style of sink you’ll have (under-mounted or over-mounted) and the final locations of cut-outs necessary (for sink, hob, drainer grooves, tap or any other type of cut-out) and in which cabinets it will be placed. You can browse through an entire list of cut-outs on our website’s “Granite Quote”.
  3. Appliances: bear in mind to check if you have thought about the entire range of granite worktops appliances you’ll need.

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