300 + granite colours are available for your kitchen remodelling job

300 + granite colours are available for your kitchen remodelling job

1 May, 2013
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Standard Granite Worktop Colours

Baltic Brown Granite Worktop
Baltic Brown
Absolute Nero
Star Galaxy Granite Worktop
Star Galaxy
Blue Pearl Granite Worktop
Blue Pearl
Emerald Pearl Granite Worktop
Emerald Pearl
Black Perl Granite Worktop
Black Pearl
Star Galaxy Granite Worktop
Nero Impala
Kashmere Gold Granite Worktop
Kashmere White Granite Worktop
Steel Grey Granite Worktop
Steel Grey
Tan Brown Granite Worktop
Tan Brown
Vizag Blue Granite Worktop
Visag Blue

Bespoke Granite Worktop Colours

Giallo Veniziano Granite Worktop
Giallo Veniziano
Gaillo Fiorito Granite Worktop
Giallo Fiorito
Nero Zimbabwe Granite Worktop
Nero Zimbabwe
Giallo Topazio Granite Worktop
Giallo Topazio
Verde Ubatuba Granite Worktop
Verde Ubatuba
Shivakashi Granite Worktop



Are you looking for wide array of options in granite colours? Then you are at right place and we appreciate your decision for choosing us. Granite is the only natural stone that is available in more than 300 different colours and shades. This gives you an opportunity to find, compare and choose the best for your interiors.

Whether it is about decorating the contemporary kitchen or adding the elegance to classic country kitchens you always prefer the unsurpassed quality. This is one of the reasons that granite is preferred by millions of homeowners. When you think of adding a natural aesthetic beauty to your kitchen interiors then your selection criteria revolves around several different elements like affordability, durability, elegance and easy maintenance.  All these quality attributes are available in granite in affordable price range.

Granite colours for kitchens

This wide array of colour scheme in granite is its one prized possession that is also blessed with high durability, robustness, and intense temperature tolerance, scratches & stains resistance. Let’s take a look to popular granite colours in kitchen worktops.

    1. Baltic brown

This is one popular colour and commonly seen in kitchen worktops exhibit the dark chocolate brown shade. Most of the people recognized this granite by the name of Rapakivi granite and is primarily quarried from Finland.

    1. Absolute Nero

If you are an admirer of black coloured granite then Absolute Nero is certainly your choice. This magnificent stone is quarried from Brazil. Every single chunk of absolute nero contains unique natural specks and veining patterns.

Star galaxy

Star galaxy granite is quarried from Southern India and is most preferred granite colour these days. It is available in charcoal black shade with golden coloured natural particles is embedded on its surface. “Enstatite” is the reason of enhancing its overall elegance that will give your interiors a unique & admirable décor.

Blue Pearl

Blue pearl granite is commonly installed in contemporary interiors that exhibit the touch of modernity in combination of durability and elegance. This granite is quarried in Norway and is preferred for kitchen and bathroom interiors.

Emerald Pearl

Mahogany wood cabinets and emerald green pearlescent granite worktops will give your kitchen an ultimate décor. We have different shades in Emerald pearl granite that you can take into consideration as per your taste.

Find, compare and choose the best granite colour

These are a few popular colours in granite that you can buy and install in your kitchen and bathroom.

Unlike other retailers of granite we do not deceive our customers by tagging these popular colours with high price tags. We believe in ethical business practices only and offer the price that justifies the quality of our granite slabs and tiles. If you think that your kitchens need a facelift then start planning a new kitchen décor by following these 3 easy steps:

      1. Browse our bespoke and standard granite colours
      2. Choose the shape and size of the kitchen top
      3. Get a price quote and get it installed

We also provide granite samples so that you can easily match them with your interior and buy the unsurpassed quality as per your taste and budget.

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