29 Apr, 2013
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COLOUR WORKTOPS (2500x620x30)
Longer Lengths maybe available
ISLANDS (2000×1000)
Longer Islands maybe available at additional cost
Baltic Brown £300.00 £450.00
Premium Absolute Black £350.00 £450.00
Blue Pearl £350.00 £450.00
Emerald Pearl £350.00 £450.00
Black Star Galaxy £350.00 £450.00
StarLite Black £350.00 £450.00
StarLite White £350.00 £450.00
Absolute Nero £350.00 £450.00
Stargate £350.00 £450.00
Tiger Skin £300.00 £450.00
Kashmere White £350.00 £450.00
Tan Brown £300.00 £450.00
Sapphire Black £300.00 £450.00
Blizzard £350.00 £450.00
Giallow Fioritto £350.00 £450.00
Giallow Boreau £350.00 £450.00
Santa Cecilia Gold £350.00 £450.00
Steel Grey £325.00 £450.00
Black Wave £300.00 £450.00
Sea Wave £300.00 £450.00


DIY Granite Worktops come in a large variety of colours, as well as patterns. Their prices vary from colour to colour, and from pattern to pattern. But the most important thing is that these are still the most competitive prices on the market for such products. This has been possible for two reasons.

On the on hand, DIY Granite Worktops prices are so affordable because we keep in mind the well being of our customers. We understand that comfort, style and usefulness play an important part in a person’s life; hence we aim at pleasing them and improving their lives.

On the other hand, DIY Granite Worktops prices are reasonable because of our do it yourself policy. This was customers save money and become part of the whole project. This corroborated with the fact that we own granite quarries, has enabled us to provide you with high quality DIY Granite Worktops.

Wanted to buy granite worktops direct to save substantial amount of money? Let us help you to improvise your kitchen interiors without breaking your bank. Our database has Verde Uba Tuba, star galaxy granite worktops including other appreciated standard and bespoke colours that can become an elegant addition of your interiors. We understand that choosing the right type of granite colour is not easy for you. This is the reason we offer our expert’s assistance to serve you with different yet stylish kitchen design ideas.

Buying a granite countertop is bit expensive as compared to other options but at DIY granite worktops we offer quality at most competitive price. Whether you are buying standard or bespoke granite colours you will always find favourable price range. So what are you waiting for? Call us today and get a free price quote. It is time to spruce up your kitchen interiors without exceeding your budget and compromising the quality.

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